Here we go

Day one living at 66 and everything is going smoothly. It’s beautiful outside today, in the 60s and there are hardly any clouds. Windows are open..and I’m sad to admit I’m actually a bit chilly in my fleece jacket and jeans, but that’s a whole nother issue in itself.

And so begins the storytelling that comes with living at 66.

Yesterday, grandpa reached for a ceramic container on top of the fridge and popped some jelly beans in his mouth. Grandma looked, gave her knowing glance (classic Deyden “I want some..” face) and grandpa goes “You can’t eat them unless you can reach them” to which grandma, in her desperation for some sweets, didn’t move her feet, but leaned with all her might, grabbed a couple, and one dropped on the floor. “See!” she says. They both laugh at her efforts.

Last night I told grandpa about how I was going to ask him some things about his Navy experiences…

Grandpa: “They already know all the stories!”

Me:”We need them written down!”

Grandpa:”I’m gonna need some booze then!”

Grandma: “You and your booze!”

Don’t even get me started on how awkward it was today listening to the internet installation guy from Cablevision trying to ask them their opinions on Obama “finally getting Osama.” When they hardly reacted, he proceeded to give them a history lesson while installing my Internet. What troopers.

Word of the day:

ponytail= severe hair-do

used in a sentence: “Adrienne has a severe hair-do”


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