>The City

>Hello all!

After the solo road trip of the century and a quick two-day stop in North Carolina, I finally arrived to Hawthorne Friday and am loving it! It feels like I’m at home because I’ve been here so many times, and yet I get to live close enough to the city to enjoy that life too.

Since I’m not sure how crazy things will get yet (I’m hoping for just 3 or 4 days in the city, but we’ll see) I figured I’d just give you a little snapshot of my day.

1. Bought my monthly train and subway passes ($300!) and locked my credit cards out because I’m apparently too far from home. Sadness.

2. Took the subway going the wrong direction, exited the subway immediately when I realized I did NOT want to visit the World Trade Center today, and proceeded to get lost when I left the station and it wouldn’t let me back in. Dang you confusing subway entrances and exits! Why can’t you all just let me in?! Anyway..Walked in Soho for awhile, saw Chinatown. You know, the usual.

3. Met up with Melissa in her apartment with an absolutely terrifying elevator. I can deal with rickety elevators (cough UWF library) but this one is on a whole nother level.

4. Ventured over to Times Square where I’m pretty sure we saw the tallest man alive. He had a good couple of feet on me. It was nuts.

5. Went on a mission to find ice cream (as usual) and discovered one in a church that had been converted into a market! Absolutely amazing.

6. Noticed we were in the gay district after about two blocks of walking. Very hilarious realization.

7. Went the CORRECT direction on the subway and boarded the train as it was about to take off thanks to a (surprisingly) nice train-worker-dude (is he a conductor?..).

Anyway, SUCCESS! Hopefully I can pull off another good day tomorrow. Quite nervous, hence why I’m blogging this late when I should be sleeping…Goodnight!


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