Ketchup + Pasta

So today I only hungout with my grandparents for a little while. My favorite part was probably when I walked down the stairs this morning, nervous about my first day of work in NYC, and my grandma goes “Well hello lady!” with a big smile on her face.

Sidenote: For those who don’t know, my grandma has dementia. For awhile now she hasn’t recognized me, but I think the more time I spend here the more she realizes who I am. It’s kind of exciting to see her eyes light up when I come home. She’s not confused! :)

Anyway, onto the stories.

So when I got home today I decided I was hungry enough to tackle some leftovers from the past few days. I grabbed a tupperware full of pasta, threw it in the microwave, and started chowin’ down. My grandpa then walked in and it starts:

Grandpa: “You want some ketchup?”

Me: “Ketchup? For my pasta?”

Grandpa: “Well your grandmother keeps asking me to help you, so I figure I gotta say somethin’!”

(after telling him I was fine about three times, my grandma makes her way into the kitchen)

Grandpa: “You gonna watch her eat now?”

Grandma: “Well…no”

(he chuckles, she smiles, and they waddle back into the living room to watch Jeopardy)

Hahaha. They put themselves in the silliest situations.

Aside from heckling him about making meals for me and making sure I’m as stuffed as a Thanksgiving turkey 24/7, she also points out the bananas on the kitchen table that she insists are “going bad” every day. I think that’s her old self telling me to eat some fruit. Thanks to her, I’ve eaten one every day so far!

By the way, shame on the person that forgot to tell my grandpa he can put tupperware in the microwave. Pretty sure he thought I was going to burn the house down before I explained it won’t melt. Sheesh!

Oh, and don’t ever try to tell him that the $100,000 piece is always on the final round of Wheel of Fortune. I can’t imagine what he’d do. Every day so far he’s told me that he’s positive they leave it out on purpose because “no one ever wins it!” Ha.

I apologize for this horribly random blog. Maybe if this freight train would STOP HONKING ITS HORN OUTSIDE MY WINDOW….hmph. Goodnight!



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3 responses to “Ketchup + Pasta

  1. Amanda Jackson

    LOVE IT! Sounds like you are going to have some great times and memories :)

  2. Cynthia

    I absolutely love reading this! Thank you!

  3. andrea

    Love this blog! Thank you Patricia Jr.

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