“You’re lying!”

So my grandma has this thing if you’re telling her something she thinks sounds ridiculous (but is actually true). She always says something along the lines of “You’re lyin’ to me!”

For example:

Grandpa, laying down the law and not letting grandma start a new movie, starts off the discussion:

Grandpa: “Well we normally go to bed at 9:30 anyways, so we only have a little while”

Grandma: “Oh, you’re lyin’! That’s not true”

Grandpa, turning his head quickly as if she just said he had killed a small puppy, goes “Why would I lie?!”

Grandpa, again, explaining their day for maybe the hundredth time: “Well by the time we get you up, get you changed, get you brushed, show you where the bed is…”

Grandma: “Oh come on!” *laughs*

Grandpa: “What?!”

Hahahaha. They also had Glee on tonight while I was watching it in the other room. I got excited! But it only lasted a couple of seconds until the quick jokes picked up and one of them must’ve gotten lost. Hey, they tried!


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