Nothing super new and exciting here. My lovely commute into the city seems to really cut down on hangout time with the folks.

There are, however, a couple of things that made me chuckle.

My grandma insisted on walking around in a small circle around the living room to get her legs stretched before bed and my grandpa told her to be careful because she could fall again. She quickly replied she has “never fallen”. My ¬†grandpa’s eyes grew wide and he goes “Are you challengin’ me!?” with the attitude of a hardened street rapper from the Bronx.

I swear one day there will be an all out brawl over what each of them thinks did or didn’t happen.

My favorite, albeit not exciting, moment was when I finished the meat my aunt had made us this weekend and he goes “What kind of meat was that anyway? Beef? Chicken?” No grandpa, it’s pork. Eighty seven years of meat eating and at this point he could care less what it is. It could’ve been squirrel for all he knew. Silly goose.

Here’s to hoping I spend less hours en route, more time listening to their banter, and maybe less time sneaking around their sweets stash at night (extra large bag of Dove chocolate?! Whyyy!)


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