>The concrete jungle is a very, very dirty place!

>The last couple of weeks have been a little nutty. Moving to a new city in with the grandparents has been an interesting change (I’m pretty sure that’s worse than going back and living with just parents, right?). No, no, but really-it’s something I wouldn’t trade for the world. Having another blog to update every day with funnier stories (in my opinion) still doesn’t explain the kind of experiences I’ve gained from living here. This is reality now! Walking to the train at 8:30 a.m. getting rained on and arriving happily with just 3 minutes to spare, running around in the rat race that IS the NYC subway system..This is my “normal” now!

I hardly ever look up while pushing through people at rush hour, but Grand Central really is pretty…

I haven’t told everyone about my experiences because, well, there are a LOT. Just things that southerners have a hard time getting their head around (myself included). For example, in NYC:

-it’s not unusual to have the door left in your face because people do NOT feel obligated to hold them
-people WILL stare at you, no matter if you are looking at them or not (for some reason I’m feeling a similarity to Barcelona on this one..maybe it’s just a “big city” thing in general?)
-dare to be unprepared for the subway entrance with your card IN hand and successfully swipe it and you WILL be shunned (that was me, today)

Internship’s going well, I feel very Lauren Conrad on the tv show “The City” most of the time, but for the most part it’s what I’ve always done PR job-wise, just on a different, much higher scale because of the clients we handle. Annnyways.

There’s a lot of other things that I could probably throw at you randomly (because clearly that’s the theme today) but I think I’m overloaded with pasta and this low pressure system outside my window. Oui.

To Do’s for the summer:

-The Hamptons
-Niagara Falls
-New Hampshire family reunion
-Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island (Take pictures of my ancestors’ names!)
-Daniel Radcliff (most know what this is for..muahaha)
-Broadway show, preferably Wicked
-Serendipity, possibly some sitcoms’ apartments/restaurants
-Cheesy bus tour (yes. it helped me out a lot in Spain!)
-Rent bikes in Central Park (*rent boat in the park too)

Alright, that’s all..Most of those things will be done thanks to discounts (Groupon). The bum in the subway is making more than I do everyday. But it’s alright, because the job search has BEGUN!

*Apologies for being so boring. Now that “Over on 66” is the new thing to read, this one seems kind of blah…Hopefully I can actually remember a story and recount it later! My goldfish brain is struggling on blog overload at the moment!

sidenote: I may switch this blog over to the same site as my other one, WordPress.com…It just seems way easier to use than this now.

Annnnd end post.


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