Eatin’ like a pig…Literally.

Grandpa walks into the kitchen while I’m eating, picks up the phone and starts dialing.

Me: “Who are you callin’?”

Grandpa: “My pig food supplier”

Grandpa (raises eyebrows, looks at me): “Yeah!”

So as many of you know my uncle lives in the boondocks of New Jersey (for the record, it’s super pretty out there). Well, for some extra cash and food he raises pigs in his barn. Well…This leads into the pig food story.

My grandpa knows that the church has a food pantry that throws away food they can’t use. Of course, like normal pantries, it has to throw away food that’s out of date, in a box, etc. etc.  They always have some weird rules about food they can give away. Well apparently he had the great idea of taking that food from the pantry and after asking the church if he could take some every once in awhile, they said yes.

This would all be fine and dandy if he just gave  it to my uncle and that was it. But it’s never that simple here. Instead of giving it to my uncle, he goes through the bags of food from the food pantry and KEEPS SOME HIMSELF. So what was meant to be pig food is now the food I’ve been scouring over the past two weeks. Needless to say, while eating my meal yesterday, I cringed a little.

An example of pigs eating normal things, like corn. (But I bet they'd love some alfredo sauce on it)

I’m all about saving money but the food pantry is giving these things to PIGS for a reason. This all leads me to believe the alfredo fiasco from the other day must’ve been the result of someone cleaning out their cupboard and giving it to the food pantry, only to be picked up by my grandpa who can’t read the expiration date because it’s too small.

So notice: If you’re going to donate to a food pantry, make sure it’s not expired, because I may be eating it one day. *Shudders*


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