I’ve been “buzzed”

As many of you know, my mom has five siblings. There was a total of five girls and one boy running around this house for many years, and from hearing some of the stories I’m sure it got a little crazy sometimes. There’s two rooms upstairs where the girls slept and two downstairs for the only boy and my grandparents. Way back when, when they were all living here at the same time, my grandpa installed “the buzzer”.

Whenever the phone rings, and it’s for one of the siblings, he hits a button next to the phone that makes a buzzing noise upstairs. However many times he buzzes it depends on what birth order you were. I used to play with it when I was little, never knowing that one day I would one day be buzzed myself.

The other day a phone call was for me and I answered to two buzzes (my mom’s birth order). The rest is history. I get buzzed when he has something to say, when there’s a phone call, when he’s just wondering if I’m alive.

And so it begins…

Please take note of the grey buzzer on the left..

Proactive grandpa quote of the day:

“Life’s too short to go around hatin’ people”

You go grandpa!

By the way, I walked around and did some research on Hawthorne today. Is it really this small? Aunts, please help me out with this. So far I’ve found a Rite Aid, library, post office, movie theater, about five restaurants, a tailor, a travel agent, some banks, and a couple other odds and ends shops. Is there really nothing else besides that? Am I missing another main street in town? Please let me know!

Let me just throw this in there:

Colonoscopy= “up in the Bronx”

Grandpa (laughing): “I don’t know why but we’ve always called it that!”

I’m not sure I even want to know why at this point.


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