Politically Informed

Not too much has been going on around here lately, grandma has been a little sick so we’ve kind of been going through the motions as usual. Grandpa’s birthday is tomorrow! The Big 8-8 I believe.

Here’s your weekly dose of grandpa wisdom, from our conversation over breakfast:

Grandpa (opening up junk mail about the local elections): “I don’t know any of these guys! You know, most people just vote their political party nowadays anyway. No one really votes for the person.

Me: “Yeah it’s bad. That’s normal now though”

Grandpa: “For all they know, they could be voting for a monkey or a…one-legged deer”

If only he kept up with the news on politics..

On a less politically centered note, I laid out on the lawn today, loving the soft bermuda grass that you won’t find in Florida. It’s like a plush comforter! Grandpa reminded me twice that there was a lawn chair in the shed, to which I tried to brush off and continue on my Great Gatsby reading.

…But apparently that wasn’t acceptable. He whistled over to the shed, grabbed a vintage lounge chair, complete with rotting pieces of criss-crossing plastic, and sat it right down next to me. He then took the lawn chair that I had taken from him earlier when he went inside and strolled on over to the pavement and plopped down. Right as I sat on my newly acquired gem and pushed my feet towards the edges to push myself back, my heel fell in a little and the plastic ripped. Just to please him, I stayed out for about 30 more minutes, afraid to move an inch and cause a funniest home video scene  by myself in the middle of the yard.

Oh grandpa….88 years and you’ve still got that subtle prodding down pact.

the scene at '66 today, curlers and all


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  1. Mom

    After 3 months of living at 66 you will understand where your mother is coming from so well! Those are probably the same curlers I used in high school, nothing much changes at 66-it’s like a step back in time!

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