Happy Sunday and Happy Birthday to Papa Jules!

So this morning grandpa went to church and I stayed and watched grandma. My favorite thing to do with her is put the Frank Sinatra playlist on Pandora radio and let her enjoy ol’ blue eyes. Every once in awhile, she would mention how “amazing” my computer was that it was just like a radio and that I had all those songs “right there”. And then grandpa came home and this conversation followed..

Grandma (wide-eyed, pointing at my computer): “Have you seen this? It’s out of this world!”

Grandpa, not missing a beat: “It can stay there too! I’m not gonna get one”

Another quote from today:

“You want something done, you ask the busiest person and they’ll find a way!”

I thought that was pretty true!

Just so you know, relatives of mine, I went through the pantry while he was at church and struck gold. The oldest thing I threw away? A spice, from 1997. There are definitely some other spices that are dated by “codes” which I know they stopped doing about a year ago (thank you grocery background) and so I can’t tell how old those are, but I’m sure some of them are way older than ’97. I’m going to have to sneak those out slowly though, since I don’t have hardcore proof that they’re old, despite their yellowing labels…

One of the many songs we enjoyed today:

Until next time!


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