Ain’t nothin’ but a heartache

My fun days of riding my bike have sadly come to an end. For now at least! The lovely bike I rode to the train station almost every day was stolen, and many higher quality road bikes were left behind yesterday. Why did they steal the cheapest bike on the rack? Who knows. It was probably easier than the guy who has THREE locks on his road bike (no joke). That’s a little intense. Anyway, I think I was more mad about the principal of someone stealing it than actually having to walk home.

Although after all that, I come home today to grandpa shoving an article in my face about how two teenagers have been stealing bikes and leaving them in random areas around Hawthorne. They apparently have a growing collection at the police station. So naturally, he wants to go down there and get mine back. Of course, if there’s a road bike in there I may claim a slight case of memory loss and get myself one of those beauties…We shall see.

my goal for tomorrow's pity party at the police station

In other news, Grandpa finally discovered his other cable channels today. They have the most basic cable, and yet they get music channels? It boggles my mind, it really does. But so just imagine me at the kitchen table eating The Great Gatsby in a hunched over position (as usual) and all of a sudden I hear some death music coming from the living room. Some hardcore band sounded like it was raging right in grandpa’s chair. And then it changes. And then it changes again. And then it lands on a Backstreet Boys song.

Grandpa: “Do you like this ‘El?”

Grandma: “Yeah, yeah this is okay”

Grandpa turns the channel again (typical guy)

Katy Perry starts playing…

Grandma: “Oooh I don’t like this”

My favorite part was when “Down on Me” by Jeremih & 50 Cent started playing while grandpa was flipping through songs and when he started rapping saying “sticky” and “licky” a million times grandpa just starts laughing and laughing.

(sidenote: Although this is a huge step forward in cable viewing, I’m still not sure if he figured out how to shut off the spanish subtitles. Don’t ask me how he got them there! I have no idea how to change it back. They have a remote control from outer space)

I wonder if when I’m old and grey my caregivers will be playing Backstreet Boys for me? I can’t imagine that being something as tearjerking as some old blue eyes can be. Grandma’s music gets me every time!

You should’ve seen my reactions to all of their comments. It was quite the entertainment. But then of course they made it to some 1930s music and it was an absolutely perfect soundtrack to me finishing The Great Gatsby. Nonetheless, I love hearing my grandma humming to the songs she still knows and knowing she’s at peace. Just another lovely evening at ’66!


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