Broken Glass and Mrs. America

So things here have been trudging along. It’s getting hotter, and I’m pretty sure with that we all naturally move a little slower, especially without air conditioning, as is the case in this house most of the time. I only have a small amount of time left here, but I’m hoping you’ve all enjoyed my stories and quips and they’ve made you laugh and brought back some memories. I’m going to try to post as much as I can from now on up until the day I leave, so enjoy!

Story #1:

Walking through the back door of ’66, saying hello to the grandparents, and up the stairs to change to survive the heat (shorts, t-shirt, hair up). As always, I went downstairs and into the kitchen to start making dinner. I was walking over to the sink to wash my hands before I made some dinner and I thought I felt something sticky on my feet.

I turned around and rubbed my foot back and forth on it to try to figure out what it was. Then it dawned on me. My foot was grinding on GLASS. In a state of panic, thinking that shards of glass must definitely be embedded into my grandparents’ feet by now, I went to the living room.

Me, feeling like one of those people in Aladdin that just successfully completed walking over a pit of glass, semi-panting in disbelief: “Hey grandpa, did you break a glass today?”

Grandpa: “Oh yeah, did I not get all of it up?”

Me, running upstairs: “Well yeah I think you missed a few…”

..And then I tried to clean up the disaster area, picking up big pieces of glass off the ground along with the lovely small suckers that really seem to love hugging the floor, which were probably inches away from where I just stepped.

Crisis Averted. PHEW.

Story #2 (less dramatic)

Things you should know: I came home from work to no air conditioning, and my room being 88 degrees. Needless to say I threw my hair up, was sweating, and was probably looking a little rough. Not to mention I started stuffing my face with food the minute I walked into the kitchen..

So then grandpa comes strolling in…

Grandpa, in a singing voice: “There she isssss”

Me, making a salad and watching my water for pasta boil out of the side of my eye: “Mrs. Americaaaa”

Grandpa, laughing, and seemingly not sarcastic: “Yeah!” (pause)  “I could believe that!”

AWWW. One person convinced, the rest of the population to go! Ha. Love him.

Until the next time…But for now my Mac is heatin’ up my hands and this air conditioning just doesn’t cut it, so it’s time to lay like a vegetable in hopes of me feeling a little cooler. Ahhh, summer in NJ at ’66!


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