Gettin’ Jiggy With It

Okay so that title has almost nothing to do with my post..I just really like that line..

Okay so last night’s conversation:

Me: “Hey so my two friends from Florida will be coming up in August.”

(no response, so I try to save myself, thinking it’s an awful idea)

Me: “Yeah so they’ll be here around the time my mom’s here so…(awkwardly laughing)…It’ll be a party!”

Grandpa, finally unlocking his eyes from the TV: “A party? You mean like in the basement?”

Me, laughing: “No, grandpa. Like a party meaning a lot of people.”

(still terrified of him hating this idea)

Me: “…but it’s okay because we’re self sufficient and my mom will be here to keep things in order…”

Grandpa: “Have they ever been here before?”

Me: “Well, no, not that I know of. Not really for a vacation, anyway”

Grandpa, laughing: “OOOOHHHH so you’re gonna show them around then”

As if I’m some partier or something…Assuming I was throwing a party in the basement of my elderly grandparents, and who know what that “OHHH” was about. *shaking head*

I think Vanna White just puts people like my grandpa into trances...

I’ve spent 22 years with my own dad and for some reason I STILL pick the absolute worst time to talk to men about important things. But hey, maybe if I had his full attention he would’ve had the opposite reaction. The “party” in August is  a go!



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2 responses to “Gettin’ Jiggy With It

  1. Elaina

    hahah amazing!! I’m so excited!!

  2. Cynthia

    Dad has always had a soft spot for Vanna.

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