Fun Facts and a small update

Man. You guys must really love my creative titles.

It’s getting late in my stay here and there isn’t much time left before I move to ____! (Bets are still on for where I’ll end up!)

In the meantime, enjoy some fun facts:

Grandpa’s wisdom, late-night style (aka 9:45 p.m.)

-The old Five and Dime store used to break up all the old chocolate bunnies from Easter and put it into a huge pile on display, and you could buy the chocolate way discounted by the pound (super cool!)


Thank you modern crazies for ruining that fun tradition.

-Also, although this is more common knowledge, he told me about how bread used to be $.10, and if the bread was a day old they wouldn’t sell it to you. I feel like Europe still goes by that rule, but I’m pretty sure America ruined that decades ago.

All of this money talk started when he raved about how the Post Office had no line today and that the man had a change cup that he used to help my grandpa pay for his stamps. It was like Christmas for him. The joy on his face was like someone handed him $10. The frugalness just never fails. It’s frustrating at times, and yet I’m pretty sure I inherited some of it. Not a bad thing to have when you’re sights are set on big cities…too bad bread still isn’t that cheap!

On a sidenote, the great Leadbetter Get Together is this weekend-FINALLY. After too many years of waiting, I finally have another weekend to figure out how I’m related to sixty different people within one night while we all pig out and dance ’til the conga lines start. It’s always been a challenge, but now that I’m 21 I think there may be an added element hindering my thought process….

The next update will hopefully have reunion pictures! Have a great weekend everyone!


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