The most epic and memorable event that happens every 4 (ish) years did not disappoint. Kind of like the Olympics, minus athletics and plus alcohol and food. Okay so…not really like the Olympics at all. I’m just really hyped up from watching a blind guy kick butt on the show Expedition Impossible. It’s an adrenaline rush, I tell ya.

So the reunion was up in Eaton, New Hampshire this year. It had never been that far North, so you’d think it’d be nice and chilly, up in the mountains, maybe sit by a nice campfire for heat. Negative, friends. In fact, it was as hot or hotter than the rest of the states in the heat wave. But, oh wait! The fun part: air conditioning is a rarity in that state (for obvious reasons-the normal high in the summer being 85).

Needless to say, we became automatic sweat producers, with the mosquitos and bugs loving every minute of our suffering. Luckily there were some lovely bodies of water that helped shut up the complaints: Swift River and Crystal Lake. It was all so pretty and scenic.  On Saturday we had a lovely picnic on the lake which is also home to a girls camp, and so of course the only thing running through my head when I hear them playing is The Parent Trap movie. Over and over. and over. But I can’t forget our morning hike that same morning to 360 views of New Hampshire and Maine on a mountain covered in organic blueberry bushes. I called my dad from the top while he was eating breakfast and told him to “Google it”. Oh, 21st century. You are so fun sometimes.

Minus the outdoor activities we spent a lot of time doing our quirky Leadbetter things. Leadbetter is my grandma’s maiden name, and the Leadbetter family came over from England and passed through Ellis Island. We did a bunch of seemingly normal family reunion activities at first, like having grandchildren pose as the original immigrants, reading off fun facts about each one. Then of course we had our weird ones, like the presentation of “The Cup”. It’s a cup someone found in a dumpster (where else), cleaned it up, had it plated, and each reunion we pass it down through the oldest relative. And, in true Leadbetter style, we’re all required to drink from it (*this year it was filled with Shipwreck, a super hoppy beer we had kegs of). It was all great. Every reunion I think I’ve mastered my family tree and actually understand how we’re all related, and then I come home, someone asks me ONE question, and my entire expertise is blown to bits. Maybe one day when there’s nametag- and-photo coordinated poster boards I’ll finally get my act together.

Enjoy some photos!

site of the reunion itself-amazing cabin by the pond!

the presentation of the cup, complete with kid marching band and national athem

meet my GANGSTER, but really guys. check out that hat and stance.

Needless to say, I enjoyed our mini vacation to New Hampshire, and now I really want to go back in the winter to properly use that ski condo we stayed in all weekend. Sweating in the basement at night just made me feel like we weren’t using the other three stories properly..Dang heat!

Until next time lovelies–


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