I’m a recent graduate of the University of West Florida (in Pensacola, Fla.) and have been wanting to move up North my whole life. I’ve ended up at my grandparents’ house in Northern New Jersey and am commuting into the city for three months for an internship on the famous Madison Avenue.

Let me answer some questions you may be having about what may seem like a very random blog…

What’s up with the picture? It’s of my grandparents’ house, infamously known as “66” because of its location. They’ve been here for decades and everyone associates “The Deydens” with this house.

Why start a blog? Why not? My relatives are scattered these days, and most of them don’t see the daily happenings at their old home. In my grandparents’ old age they have some hilarious quotes and stories. Of course, they’ve always said some pretty funny things thanks to my grandpa’s frugal ways from his Navy background and all of the stories that come with having 6 kids (five daughters, one son).

Anyways, I’m planning on interviewing him about his Navy experience but some of it will just come from what I hear living here every day. Enjoy!


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  1. Hey, I came to thanks for following my blog and check out yours. Sounds like it will be an interesting one!

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