The starving, jobless, computer-obsessed 22 year-old speaks again.

So things have been slow on the first floor of ’66 but moving along quickly in my little upstairs nook lately, hence the absence. But, alas, enough things have been happening that I’ve plopped myself down after some leftover Ziti and am going to update you all.

This happened just tonight:

Me: “I’ve applied to fourteen places now!” (stretch, sigh)

Grandpa: “Have you applied to ShopRite yet?”

Me: ….(open my mouth to say a sassy comment, rethink)…..(talking slowly, nodding to help him agree)”I’m not going to apply there now, I’m looking for REAL jobs now”

Grandpa: “Just tell them you can work Mondays and Fridays to help ’em out”

Me: …….

I’m convinced he thinks the managers stores are still buddies with all the associates, giving them their 10 cent wages and letting them work without W2 forms or any sort of paperwork. Even when I tell him I have EIGHT WEEKS left he completely ignores it. le sigh. The life of living with a man who was alive when bread cost 5 cents per loaf.

In other news, he’s created  a new yummy combination for me to gag over.

Semi-old conversation:

Me (staring at my cup full of mac n’ cheese that I can’t finish): “Should I save this?”

Grandpa (waving it away): “Nahhh that’s not worth anything any way. You’d have to put some mayonnaise in it to give it some flavor when you go to eat it again anyways”

Me (yet again): …..(disgusted face, like i’m staring at a dirty diaper)

In other news, I’m still learning that being gullible is a curse, and that in order for me to survive (literally), I need to be careful of what I agree to. Ahem:

Grandpa followed me into the kitchen tonight, as always, and threw a box  full of microwave mac n’ cheese packets, opened, on the counter. Earlier I also saw a box of ShopRite mac n’ cheese on the counter. Thank goodness I had already started my meal. He starts: “Here, you can sift through this and find something, right?”

My thoughts….Grandpa, I know for a fact you haven’t gone shopping all week. In case you forgot, you told me this today.

My actions: When he walked out of the room, I checked the dates. Expired, expired, expired. I’m not an expiration queen, mind you, but from working in a grocery store I DO know that mac n’ cheese normally lasts a long time before it’s expired. Conclusion: He made his way to the pig food guy the other day, and found some expired food to help his poor broke granddaughter eat so I won’t starve. I’m pretty sure he thinks I have about $10 in my bank account at all times. And although that’s what it feels like, I’m pretty sure I can afford fresh food. My plan of attack for this situation is to buy my own mac n’ cheese, hide it in a low cupboard, make it, and then throw away a packet or box every time I make one so he thinks I’m using what he brought me. I’m getting really good at this sneaking around thing. I never did it before I was 22 and living with my grandparents, go figure. For instance: when do I take out my trash, you ask? When he goes to church every Sunday, around 12 noon, so that I won’t hear about how much trash I produce (I’m a girl!).

Ruining mac n' cheese, one situation at a time

Oh! And to top it off, I had been wondering why there was a box of Passover Matzos on the counter for a couple of days now. Being the fatty I am, I tried one after dinner. Can you say STALE?! I had to spit it out! It was in the chewy stages, past the point of just overly crisp. And to top it off, I go to look at the date and he ripped off the top part of the box where the date had been.

Touché, grandpa, touché.



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Happy Sunday and Happy Birthday to Papa Jules!

So this morning grandpa went to church and I stayed and watched grandma. My favorite thing to do with her is put the Frank Sinatra playlist on Pandora radio and let her enjoy ol’ blue eyes. Every once in awhile, she would mention how “amazing” my computer was that it was just like a radio and that I had all those songs “right there”. And then grandpa came home and this conversation followed..

Grandma (wide-eyed, pointing at my computer): “Have you seen this? It’s out of this world!”

Grandpa, not missing a beat: “It can stay there too! I’m not gonna get one”

Another quote from today:

“You want something done, you ask the busiest person and they’ll find a way!”

I thought that was pretty true!

Just so you know, relatives of mine, I went through the pantry while he was at church and struck gold. The oldest thing I threw away? A spice, from 1997. There are definitely some other spices that are dated by “codes” which I know they stopped doing about a year ago (thank you grocery background) and so I can’t tell how old those are, but I’m sure some of them are way older than ’97. I’m going to have to sneak those out slowly though, since I don’t have hardcore proof that they’re old, despite their yellowing labels…

One of the many songs we enjoyed today:

Until next time!

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Politically Informed

Not too much has been going on around here lately, grandma has been a little sick so we’ve kind of been going through the motions as usual. Grandpa’s birthday is tomorrow! The Big 8-8 I believe.

Here’s your weekly dose of grandpa wisdom, from our conversation over breakfast:

Grandpa (opening up junk mail about the local elections): “I don’t know any of these guys! You know, most people just vote their political party nowadays anyway. No one really votes for the person.

Me: “Yeah it’s bad. That’s normal now though”

Grandpa: “For all they know, they could be voting for a monkey or a…one-legged deer”

If only he kept up with the news on politics..

On a less politically centered note, I laid out on the lawn today, loving the soft bermuda grass that you won’t find in Florida. It’s like a plush comforter! Grandpa reminded me twice that there was a lawn chair in the shed, to which I tried to brush off and continue on my Great Gatsby reading.

…But apparently that wasn’t acceptable. He whistled over to the shed, grabbed a vintage lounge chair, complete with rotting pieces of criss-crossing plastic, and sat it right down next to me. He then took the lawn chair that I had taken from him earlier when he went inside and strolled on over to the pavement and plopped down. Right as I sat on my newly acquired gem and pushed my feet towards the edges to push myself back, my heel fell in a little and the plastic ripped. Just to please him, I stayed out for about 30 more minutes, afraid to move an inch and cause a funniest home video scene  by myself in the middle of the yard.

Oh grandpa….88 years and you’ve still got that subtle prodding down pact.

the scene at '66 today, curlers and all

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I’ve been “buzzed”

As many of you know, my mom has five siblings. There was a total of five girls and one boy running around this house for many years, and from hearing some of the stories I’m sure it got a little crazy sometimes. There’s two rooms upstairs where the girls slept and two downstairs for the only boy and my grandparents. Way back when, when they were all living here at the same time, my grandpa installed “the buzzer”.

Whenever the phone rings, and it’s for one of the siblings, he hits a button next to the phone that makes a buzzing noise upstairs. However many times he buzzes it depends on what birth order you were. I used to play with it when I was little, never knowing that one day I would one day be buzzed myself.

The other day a phone call was for me and I answered to two buzzes (my mom’s birth order). The rest is history. I get buzzed when he has something to say, when there’s a phone call, when he’s just wondering if I’m alive.

And so it begins…

Please take note of the grey buzzer on the left..

Proactive grandpa quote of the day:

“Life’s too short to go around hatin’ people”

You go grandpa!

By the way, I walked around and did some research on Hawthorne today. Is it really this small? Aunts, please help me out with this. So far I’ve found a Rite Aid, library, post office, movie theater, about five restaurants, a tailor, a travel agent, some banks, and a couple other odds and ends shops. Is there really nothing else besides that? Am I missing another main street in town? Please let me know!

Let me just throw this in there:

Colonoscopy= “up in the Bronx”

Grandpa (laughing): “I don’t know why but we’ve always called it that!”

I’m not sure I even want to know why at this point.

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Eatin’ like a pig…Literally.

Grandpa walks into the kitchen while I’m eating, picks up the phone and starts dialing.

Me: “Who are you callin’?”

Grandpa: “My pig food supplier”

Grandpa (raises eyebrows, looks at me): “Yeah!”

So as many of you know my uncle lives in the boondocks of New Jersey (for the record, it’s super pretty out there). Well, for some extra cash and food he raises pigs in his barn. Well…This leads into the pig food story.

My grandpa knows that the church has a food pantry that throws away food they can’t use. Of course, like normal pantries, it has to throw away food that’s out of date, in a box, etc. etc.  They always have some weird rules about food they can give away. Well apparently he had the great idea of taking that food from the pantry and after asking the church if he could take some every once in awhile, they said yes.

This would all be fine and dandy if he just gave  it to my uncle and that was it. But it’s never that simple here. Instead of giving it to my uncle, he goes through the bags of food from the food pantry and KEEPS SOME HIMSELF. So what was meant to be pig food is now the food I’ve been scouring over the past two weeks. Needless to say, while eating my meal yesterday, I cringed a little.

An example of pigs eating normal things, like corn. (But I bet they'd love some alfredo sauce on it)

I’m all about saving money but the food pantry is giving these things to PIGS for a reason. This all leads me to believe the alfredo fiasco from the other day must’ve been the result of someone cleaning out their cupboard and giving it to the food pantry, only to be picked up by my grandpa who can’t read the expiration date because it’s too small.

So notice: If you’re going to donate to a food pantry, make sure it’s not expired, because I may be eating it one day. *Shudders*

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>The concrete jungle is a very, very dirty place!

>The last couple of weeks have been a little nutty. Moving to a new city in with the grandparents has been an interesting change (I’m pretty sure that’s worse than going back and living with just parents, right?). No, no, but really-it’s something I wouldn’t trade for the world. Having another blog to update every day with funnier stories (in my opinion) still doesn’t explain the kind of experiences I’ve gained from living here. This is reality now! Walking to the train at 8:30 a.m. getting rained on and arriving happily with just 3 minutes to spare, running around in the rat race that IS the NYC subway system..This is my “normal” now!

I hardly ever look up while pushing through people at rush hour, but Grand Central really is pretty…

I haven’t told everyone about my experiences because, well, there are a LOT. Just things that southerners have a hard time getting their head around (myself included). For example, in NYC:

-it’s not unusual to have the door left in your face because people do NOT feel obligated to hold them
-people WILL stare at you, no matter if you are looking at them or not (for some reason I’m feeling a similarity to Barcelona on this one..maybe it’s just a “big city” thing in general?)
-dare to be unprepared for the subway entrance with your card IN hand and successfully swipe it and you WILL be shunned (that was me, today)

Internship’s going well, I feel very Lauren Conrad on the tv show “The City” most of the time, but for the most part it’s what I’ve always done PR job-wise, just on a different, much higher scale because of the clients we handle. Annnyways.

There’s a lot of other things that I could probably throw at you randomly (because clearly that’s the theme today) but I think I’m overloaded with pasta and this low pressure system outside my window. Oui.

To Do’s for the summer:

-The Hamptons
-Niagara Falls
-New Hampshire family reunion
-Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island (Take pictures of my ancestors’ names!)
-Daniel Radcliff (most know what this is for..muahaha)
-Broadway show, preferably Wicked
-Serendipity, possibly some sitcoms’ apartments/restaurants
-Cheesy bus tour (yes. it helped me out a lot in Spain!)
-Rent bikes in Central Park (*rent boat in the park too)

Alright, that’s all..Most of those things will be done thanks to discounts (Groupon). The bum in the subway is making more than I do everyday. But it’s alright, because the job search has BEGUN!

*Apologies for being so boring. Now that “Over on 66” is the new thing to read, this one seems kind of blah…Hopefully I can actually remember a story and recount it later! My goldfish brain is struggling on blog overload at the moment!

sidenote: I may switch this blog over to the same site as my other one,…It just seems way easier to use than this now.

Annnnd end post.

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It’s allliiiive

So today I didn’t even need to hangout with the grandparents for a story.

I was exhausted after work and my mile walk home in the rain and decided that a large plate of pasta was in order to gain back all that energy I burned today. I went to the shelf, got a box of pasta, and when I went to take some out, almost all of them were glued together from who knows what. Oldness? There were also weevils all up IN that box.

Fun fact about weevils:

“Their presence is often indicated by the granules of the infested item sticking together in strings, as if caught in a cobweb.” (Thanks, Wiki)

Yet another indication that this dinner would be interesting. Needless to say I chucked that out and went onto pasta box #2. Success.

After the pasta was ready I went to open my delicious jar of melt-in-your-mouth alfredo sauce. Being the ex-grocery clerk that I am, I checked the top of the jar JUST in case…and saw…wait for it…..2008. 2008? No, that must be at least 2009…Maybe it’s written like Europe dates where the month goes last and it’s just August?!…no, no, no. This couldn’t be. In my udder shock I opened the jar that was just moments ago sitting happily on the shelf near the edge, as if just bought. You should’ve seen it. It was a disgrace to all things alfredo. With a whiff and a gag, it was with its weevil friends in the garbage.

shouldah, couldah, wouldah, but wasn't, thanks to alfredo 2008.

And then in my desperation to get some carbs into my belly, I went with buttah. LOTS and LOTS of buttah. I’m not proud, I felt somewhat like a toddler that refuses to eat red sauce “with the chunks”, but hey, I ate it with a salad to keep it classy.

That food pantry better brace itself for what will be the Great Clean of 2011. I’ll have to plan my attack strategically to not cause the gramps to go into cardiac arrest…Or maybe just overload the pantry with groceries and THEN take the 2008s out. We shall see, we shall see…

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